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Long Distance & Road unicycling

Long distance unicycling is a type of unicycling that generally happens on roads. Like road bicycling, road unicycling can take place over varying distances. There can be short sprint races, up to long distance endurance races and tours, where riders will cover hundreds of kilometers. Many people use it as a form of transport, in order to get to work, or go to the shops, but mainly people ride for fun. Road unicycling is a fantastic way to see the world from a different perspective, not only does it make you think about things differently, but you're higher up!

Dusseldorf Marathon

Unicon 16 marathon

Most road unicycles have a wheel (effective diameter) size between 29”-36” to allow their riders to cover more distance at a higher speed, they may also have a Schumpf geared hub. Some riders are capable of reaching speeds approaching 30mph on geared 36" unicycles. Riders often fit a small handle bar which allows the rider to hold on to something whilst they lower themselves to become a little more streamlined. The handlebar is also useful because you can attach extra stuff to it like a bag, lights, etc.

In recent years unicycle touring has become quite popular, here is a video from a recent tour through Uzbekistan


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