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Learning to Unicycle

We are often asked if unicycling is hard? The only hard bit is having the patience to keep trying and the determination to get back on after you have fallen off. It takes most people about 10hrs practice to get the hang of the basics and then other skills such as free mounting will come in time. Beginners may borrow group unicycles to practice between meetings for a £5 donation to funds.

Click here for a guide to learning.


Buying  a unicycle

For any serious riding you will need to get decent unicycle. We strongly advise not to buy a unicyle from Amazon, ebay or any similar distributor for the following 3 reasons:

1. It will break! When you are learning to ride a unicycle it will get dropped hundreds of times, once you can ride you will want to do more advanced things like hopping or MUni which puts a lot of strain on the unicycle. Generally these are mass produced with low quality components which will not last long with a dedicated unicyclist.

2. It will cost you more! when your cheap unicycle breaks you will just have to buy another one.

3. We will laugh at you for buying rubbish!


Buy from the experts!

We would say the only place to buy a unicycle from is www.unicycle.com or UDC as we call them. Dispite its simple appearance a modern unicycle is a highly developed piece of machinary. Everybody that works at UDC is an acomplished unicyclist in their own right. They design unicycles and strictly oversee their production. Even if you are looking for a budget unicycle they have models which are competetively priced against the cheap non branded unicycle and are still reasonable quality.


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