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About Unicycling

In the last 30 years unicycling has developed in to a very diverse sport. There are several different disciplines ranging from mountain unicycling which is similar to mountain biking to performance unicycing in the entertainment industry.

Recent scientific research demonstrated that unicyclists improve their concentration ability, balance and motor coordination. This activity plays an important role on the physical and mental development.

After this research, the Japanese Educational Department officially recognised this discipline and they have integrated it in their school program. Today, there is over a milion unicyclists in Japan.

Also, an International Unicycling Federation was founded in Japan, June 1st 1982 and further to the elaboration of a structure and a regulation for this sport, the Federation sanctioned the first World Unicycling Championship (UNICON) which took place in Syracuse, New York, in 1984. UNICON's now take place every 2 years.

Video from UNICON 16


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